Samsung Galaxy On Max quick review: Galaxy J7 Max version 2.0 for online buyers

Samsung Galaxy On Max quick review: Galaxy J7 Max version 2.0 for online buyers

Amsung launched the Galaxy J7 Max (and Pro J7 Galaxy), followed by the Galaxy Prime J5 last year (J7 and Galaxy Prime), India in June. The Galaxy J7 Max is part of the ever expanding universe of the Galaxy J Samsung series.

The Galaxy J7 Max, like all Samsung J Series phones, is only available offline. Just to make sure that online shoppers do not feel left out, Samsung has now launched the Galaxy is Max.

The Galaxy is Max, for all practical purposes, can be considered a Galaxy J7 Max 2.0 version for online shoppers. It is exclusively for your purchase in the Flipkart for Rs 16,900 Rs or 1 000 less than the original Galaxy J7 Max for obvious reasons.

One normal day, the Galaxy J7 Max happens as the Samsung series phone. But again, even the Samsung Series phones received a pretty drastic improvement over time, bringing it closer to the company’s S-line range.

Samsung has finally decided to give its J series, the accelerated procedure last year and with the Galaxy J7 Max, continued with the trend. The Galaxy is Max looks very similar to the Galaxy J7 Max, which means it looks (and feels) very high quality.

It is nice to see Samsung maintain a level of consistency in terms of design and construction materials in a large “chunks” of their phones that cost less than Rs 20,000, a segment that has seen Samsung make unique in full plastic mobile.

Like the Galaxy J7 Max, Max is the Galaxy also features an entirely metallic monocoque design – the upper and lower ends being plastic with polished metal finish to accommodate antennas – with a 2.5D glass curved forward.

It comes with front-mounted physical host buttons that work like a fingerprint scanner. Like the Galaxy J7 Max, Galaxy One Max phablet is also a 5.7 inch.

The Galaxy Samsung Max is directly involved in the Moto G5 Plus, especially in the camera department

I know all metal means that the Galaxy In Max has a non-removable back cover and obviously a non-removable battery. This is nothing more than a small price to pay for what you get. Like the Galaxy J7 Max, Galaxy’s Max also uses a 1080p display (IPS and not AMOLED), which should work for most users.

The phone has just the right amount of pixels, without having to go to the board, which means it is pleasantly sharp – if a little on the dark side – with good viewing angles. However, the screen is a bit reflective, which affects to a certain extent the external legibility.

In terms of hardware, the Galaxy En Max is powered by an Octa-Core MediaTek P25 Lite processor equipped with 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal storage, also extensible. It runs the TouchWiz UI based on nougat, supports dual-SIM and 4G LTE (VoLTE compatible) connectivity.

Samsung is in charge of both functionalities, instead of three, to sell their new Galaxy phone is: Pay Mini, a camera that is – as it has an aperture of 1.7 – supposedly large in low light conditions and social camera.

While Samsung Pago Mini is compatible with Samsung Pago card for less credit / debit card, social camera is essentially a camera feature that allows users to beautify and filter on the fly while taking pictures and sharing them simultaneously on the media channels Social, from the application of the camera itself.

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