Mumbai: Powai resident slapped by bigot for being in love

Mumbai: Powai resident slapped by bigot for being in love

The struggle for equal rights is making it harder for single women in Mumbai, especially if they are looking to rent a house. Chandreyi Bandyopadhyay (25), a resident of the Suncity complex in Powai, saw the ugly face of chauvinism when a neighbor attacked her for allowing her partner Joydeep Mondal too often.

The incident occurred on Tuesday at 16:30 when Bandyopadhyay and Mondal reached their building at the Sol Powai complex. A neighbor, Anil Ambadan, passed Mondal’s opinion approaching too often in Bandopadhyay. When she protested, Ambadan assaulted.

“I tried to distract them.But he slapped me.I felt humiliated.People stood around and watched.I decided to present a FIR, but when he asked me and others, they agreed to the safety of my peers Then I submitted a late NC, “he said in the middle of the day.

Police Surya Nagar provided par support and urged them to file a FIR. “It was given in writing that it would not interfere with our affairs, in accordance with the Rental Control Act, then leave the matter,” he added.
Ambadan’s apologies read: “I, Anil Ambadan, I hereby confirm that, by anger, Mr. and Mrs. JOYDEEP MONDAL CHANDREYI BANDYOPADHYAY was beaten and abused / threatened in public. On the other hand, I will not interfere in the Personal visitor person or waste material … “(sic).

When he was called, Ambadan said: “I am in the hospital for the treatment of an ear infection and I can not comment.”
What happened with Bandyopadhyay is not uncommon. Most of Mumbai’s young individual professionals experienced a similar episode.

Virar resident Shilpa Mulye (38) said: “Singles are supposed to be problematic, but I am a woman, also from Maharashtra. However, when my friends or parents come, people think they have the right to speculate About my lifestyle “.

Companies say they prefer to go to families because the individual lifestyle creates a problem for others.
Rajesh Sawant, Secretary of the Society The ripples at Shivaji Park, said: “Once a resident has rented his apartment for a single person, he was killed. The tenant who replaced him would create a nuisance by playing music and music consumption.

If the tenant is organizing a party, the rule is that you must inform the company. Will be challenged sudden flash late. This is why homeowners prefer to rent their apartments to families, who tend to be quieter. ”

Human rights activists Rita Mehra wonders how a landlord can judge a person by their marital status. “If a married man or woman called a guest of the opposite sex is fine, but if a resident did the same, it is a source of concern.”

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