Mumbai: MMRC awards Aarey shed contract, despite NGT ban

Mumbai: MMRC awards Aarey shed contract, despite NGT ban

It seems that the Metro authorities know something that the rest of the city does not. It is common knowledge that construction in the Aarey forest colonies is not allowed, unless the Green National Court (NGT) is lifting its ban.

However, the Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation (MMRC) announced Thursday that it had awarded the contract for the construction of the subway station in Aarey 3 car and that work would begin after the monsoon.

Authorities also said that to save the trees, they have prepared a revised design of the car deposit, which will help save 1,073 trees. However, until 3130 trees will be affected, some will be destroyed, while others will be transplanted.

Authorities were unable to confirm the exact number of trees to be destroyed. It should be noted that toll axis is even larger than the original number of 2294 trees cited by MMRC.

This heavy burden on trees and biodiversity in the Aarey green pocket is why the militants had moved against the NGT car deposit plans.
Meanwhile, the NGT has issued an order to maintain the Aarey status quo and prohibits any construction activity there.

Director (Projects) and Acting Director General, MMRC, SK Gupta said: “We are delighted to award the contract for civil works for the construction of a self-service station Aarey.The contractor is mobilizing equipment and labor, and civil work Should start soon. ”
An MMRC official told this document that, at the end of the monsoon, it is also expected that the final commanders in the NGT trial. “We are positive and believe that NGT orders will be in our favor, because the project is in the highest public interest.”

At a press conference during BKC’s former MMRDA administration building, Metro authorities announced that it had awarded the final contract for public works at the Delhi-based M / s Sam (India) Builtwell Pvt Ltd, which also worked In Deposits of Delhi and Lucknow Meters.

Offers for the construction of the car depot, subway station, workshop buildings and underground passageways for vehicles along the Marol-Maroshi road and related works were invited in January 2017.

The cost of the awarded work is Rs 328 crore and civil work must be completed within 2.5 years of its start.

MMRC officials also said that they take special measures to make the car deposit also environment-friendly as possible, with solar lighting. 70 percent of the surface deposits will not be pavers, so that rainwater can seep into the soil and help maintain the level of groundwater.

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