Mumbai: Druggies use BMC’s ‘maternity home’ for anti-social activities

Mumbai: Druggies use BMC’s ‘maternity home’ for anti-social activities

Drugs, alcohol and sex – all goes well in the noses of the BMC at their maternity in Goregaon (East). The three-story building, built in 2012, has been vacant for five years. In the absence of security, discontents have made most of the space at no cost.

The issue was highlighted when private company BJP Priti Satam has received complaints from local residents about nuisances caused by antisocial elements in the region.

Speaking in the middle of the day, she said: “On Monday, when I visited the building, I was surprised to see the pathetic where it was.

One room had hidden beer bottles, another condom vacuum bag and cigarettes. It is possible that the place is or will be used for prostitution. The doors and windows are broken. It has become a cave of evildoers.

“I pursued the issue with the local health and health department. In the last four months, I wrote letters to almost all civilian and police authorities to deploy at least one guard, so these activities can be stopped, however , Nothing has been done about it, “he added.

According to the procedure in 2014, the developer gave the building to the BMC, but could not start until the date declared Satam.

Bottles of beer, drug paraphernalia and a sheet and empty packages of condoms in their parts
He did not change the situation, said Wednesday that he had raised the issue at a meeting of the Committee on Women’s Rights and Child Protection.

“I have provided photographs of the pathetic state in which the building was in which I was suggested that officials were accustomed to appoint a contractor to start maternity,” he said.

The BMC has not spent money to build the building since it was built under the Public-Private Partnership (APP) module, where land is awarded to a manufacturer to build commercial and public spaces.

The BMC has 28 city maternities. If it is in operation, this will benefit families belonging to the economically weaker section Gokuldham, Nagari Nivara and Appa Pada in Malad and neighboring regions. This could help about 1 lakh women, who currently have at the Sidharth Goregaon (West) hospital.

When the question was asked, the Welfare and Welfare Chairperson of the Women and Children Committee, Sindhu Masurkar, said: “I saw the photographs and asked the health department to arrange a visit next week. .
other side

The health official of the executive, Dr. Padmaja Keskar, said: “We intend to develop motherhood as part of the PPP. It was delayed because the PPP policy is being reviewed.

When asked how long it was going to become functional, no deadline was given.

On the issue of lack of security guard outside the building, Keskar said he had to consult with the supplier of the South P-dormitory (Goregaon).

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