How The Numbers Stack up in Gujarat Rajya Sabha Elections

New Delhi: The Gujarat Rajya Sabha elections set for Tuesday shone on the political secretary of Congressional President Sonia Gandhi, Ahmed Patel, who would question the Balvantsinh Rajput BJP polls.

This raises the question of whether a candidate is elected member of the Rajya Sabha? And for whom are the results? News18 connects the dots:

A Rajya Sabha member of any state is elected by dividing the total number of eligible votes (legislators) in the set with the number of candidates to set up, plus one.

In the case of Gujarat, there were originally 182 eligible votes. After the recent resignation of Congress, the total number of eligible votes rose to 176.

As it is today, how do the numbers work – 176 divided by 4, which equals 44, adding another to take it halfway – the number to which a candidate should be chosen for the 45-year Rajya Sabha stops.

Before Congress, the MLA resignations (of 182 legislators), 121 were from the BJP, Congress 57, NCP 2 and 1 JD (U) and independent Shankersinh Vaghela.

After the resignation, the total number increased to 176 and Congress can boast only 51 deputies.

To keep its remaining herd together, Congress moved all its Gujarat parliamentarians into the Bangalore station. Seven of its 51 lawmakers did not travel with the group, raising doubts about the fact that Patel would not receive their support.

So if we subtract seven out of 51, he left Ahmed Patel the support of 44 lawmakers – some of the magic numbers. On the other hand, the BJP in its total of 121 votes will vote for the first time for Amit Shah and Smriti Irani.

Given that he would vote for the exact number of 45 for both, he would leave them 31 votes in Balvantsinh Rajput – a member of Congress on July 20, at 15:30 INC resigned and joined at 17:30 BJP.

One of the key players is former congressman Gujarat Shankersinh Vaghela. The leader is linked to Balvantsinh Rajput, as the son of the BJP candidate is married to Vaghela’s granddaughter. Meanwhile, the independent candidate is now automatically a “friend” of Ahmed Patel.

If in case there is a tie or no candidate gets the required number, there would be a second preference given count and the fact that the BJP has a majority in the assembly, this would be a change in Rajput.

Political analysts believe that if Ahmed Patel is defeated, then there would be nothing more than a political coup to head Sonia Gandhi, while Patel was the political advisor to the president of Congress.

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