Gujarat Rajya Sabha Election 2017 LIVE: Congress denies cross-voting reports, says JD(U) also polled for Ahmed Patel

Suspended on the fate of Ahmed Patel, political secretary of Congress Speaker Sonia Gandhi, looking for a fifth term in the Rajya Sabha, and the BJP has tried to block their efforts during the biennial elections Tuesday.

The 44 members of Congress, who were sent to Bangalore to avoid “fleeing” by the BJP, returned to the state on Monday.

They were transferred to Nijanand Resort, near Anand. His family was at the resort for the Raksha Bandhan festival.

Of the 57 legislators of the party in the 182-member assembly of Gujarat, six left the party on July 26 and three of them have joined the Bharatiya Janata Party on July 28. Of the remaining 51 deputies, seven, including Shankersinh Vaghela, did not join those who have been sent to Bangalore.

Patel, who needs 45 votes against one priority in a house with an effective force of 176 parliamentarians, expressed confidence that he will win the election with the support of 44 party members and the support of two PNC and one JD-T member.

“I have talked to Sharad Pawarji and promised all the help for Congress.” He even started a whip. As for Vaghela, he himself has promised that he will vote for me and I believe he will follow his word, “he said. .

He was asked about the alleged vigilance over him and members of Congress for the BJP to power, he said: “I do not know why I like this Targeted This is an example of a banana republic ..

“I have full confidence in my victory tomorrow despite the BJP’s attempts and the number is going to surprise everyone,” Patel said at a private resort near Anand where 44 members are.

Tuesday, lawmakers go directly to the state capital, Gandhinagar, to vote for candidate Rajya Sabha, Ahmed Patel.

In New Delhi, Congress expressed confidence in the victory of Ahmed Patel, BJP despite attempts to attract members through money, power and threats.

“BJP by adopting low-cost methods, conspires to transform minority majority vote in Gujarat,” Congress said.

“They can make every attempt to insult the people’s mandate … But we are sure that Ahmed Patel will be victorious …,” said Congress Speaker Randeep Singh Surjewala, in a conference with reporters.

“People have rejected them.It was demonstrated in the assembly elections.BJP is concerned about the loss of Gujarat, so do everything possible to lower the level of the policy.

“What they are trying to conspire (BJP), Congress will travel the road of truth and win,” he added.

On Monday, Vaghela said she was not in touch with members of Congress. He also said that his relations with Congress leader Ahmed Patel were “very cordial”.

Vaghela, who stepped down from Congress in July, told NDTV in an interview that it was not a matter of getting a BJP offer.

He was asked about his vote, Vaghela said that the vote was “ownership of an axis of action.” I do not want to expose. ”

He was asked about speculation that he had been offered governor by the BJP, Vaghela said there were no discussions between him and the Bharatiya Janata Party.

“There is no doubt about the offer,” he said, adding that the BJP leaders were not in touch with him.

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