Ex-NASA Scientist, Businessman Held In Hyderabad Drug Racket

Ex-NASA Scientist, Businessman Held In Hyderabad Drug Racket

Hyderabad: A former NASA aerospace engineer was detained today with a businessman by authorities over the consumption of Telangana for his alleged involvement in a high-end narcotics racket ran here last week.

With the two new arrests, the total number of people detained in the painting was 12.

Aerospace engineer, Dundu Anish, a United States citizen, would have been found in possession of 16 units of LSD, a high-quality drug, authorities said the district ban and Special Taxes.

Anish had studied at Doon School, Dehradun, they said, adding that he previously worked with the US space agency NASA.

The probe revealed that the 29-year-old engineer had, in the last month, entered the ‘Darkness’ website at least eight times and ordered various amounts of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances or NDPS (such as cocaine, LSD, MDMA), officials have said.

In the information he gave, the Special Task Force of the department arrested Ritul Agrawal, a businessman in charge of steel. The 26-year-old student graduated in Business Administration with a major business school based in the city, they said.

“He (Angrawal) also found himself in possession of narcotics.” He and Anish would order the equipment online and pay with bitcoins / encryption currency. “The defendant said NDPS substances are delivered by mail Said officials.

With the arrest of Anish and Ritul, the number of people behind bars for their alleged participation in the racket arrested on July 2 has exceeded 12 years.

The racket is based on drug trafficking such as LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide) and MDMA (methylenedioxy-methanethylem).

Five of them are B Tech graduates who had good jobs in multinationals.

The department had previously seized 800 “squares” of LSD, which each cost. Rs 3000 and 35 grams of MDMA over Rs. 1.4 lakh.

LSD, which is sold as a pill or liquid, is known to be one of the most potent chemicals in mood changes, while MDMA, commonly called “Molly” or “ecstasy” is mainly used as recreational drugs Or partial.

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