China trying to alter territories, India different from 1962: Defence Minister Arun Jaitley

China trying to alter territories, India different from 1962: Defence Minister Arun Jaitley

Defense Minister Arun Jaitley today rejected the warning about continued confrontation on the border with Bhutan.
Calling on India to withdraw its troops from the border areas of Bhutan, China said that India should remember the 1962 war and learn a lesson.

In response to comments made by the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Arun Jaitley said: “India 2017 is different from India 1962. These are different situations.”

Jaitley said that China is trying to invade the lands of Bhutan. He said. “Bhutan’s statements indicate that this is the land of Bhutan is located next to the land of India there is an agreement between India and Bhutan to protect the region.

Jaitley said that Bhutan has stressed that China was trying to usurp its land. India does not enter the land of another country that was said to be China Jaitley.

Previously, Bhutan issued a focus on China yesterday in building a road to its army camp in the Zomplri Doklam region and called on Beijing to restore the previous situation by stopping the operation immediately.

Bhutan’s movement arrives at a time where there is a standing confrontation between Indian and Chinese troops in the Doklam region (also known as the Donglang) Sikkim sector.
Doklam is a disputed territory and Bhutan entered into a written agreement with China until the final settlement of the boundary issue, peace and tranquility must be maintained in the region.

This happened after China accused India of having a “hidden agenda” in the current context of military opposition in the Sikkim area, where Beijing has a territorial dispute with Bhutan.

“The Chinese Foreign Ministry issued a statement June 26, 2017 alleging that border troops from India crossed the border into the Sikkim area of ​​the China-India border and entered the Chinese territory. Reiterated as in other official Chinese reports.

2. The facts of the matter are:
I. On June 16, a PLA construction company entered the Doklam area and tried to build a road. We understand that a patrol of the Royal Army of Bhutan tried to dissuade them from this unilateral activity. Ambassador of the Royal Government of Bhutan has stated publicly that he had protested to the Chinese Government through his embassy in New Delhi on 20 June.

Ii. Yesterday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bhutan has also issued a statement emphasizing that the construction of the road within bhoutanien territory is a direct violation of the 1988 and 1998 agreements between Bhutan and China and affects the demarcation process of the Border between the two countries. They called for a return to the status quo by June 16, 2017.

III. In keeping with its tradition of close consultations on issues of common concern, Royal Government of Bhutan and the Government of India have been in continuous contact with the deployment of these developments.

Iv. In coordination with the Royal Government of Bhutan, Indian staff, who were present in the general area of ​​Doka, addressed the Chinese construction group and urged them not to change the status quo. These efforts continue.

V. The issue was discussed between India and China diplomatically in foreign ministries, since then, New Delhi and Beijing. It has also been a meeting of border officials in Nathu La, on June 20.

3. India is deeply concerned about recent Chinese actions and sent the Chinese government that such a construction would represent a significant change in the current situation with serious consequences for the security of India.

4. In this context, the Indian side emphasized that the two Governments had concluded that in 2012 the three-point border of India, China and other countries will be finalized in consultation with the countries concerned. Any attempt, therefore, to unilaterally determine the tri-union point is contrary to this understanding.

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