Chicago police, federal officials to announce gun violence ‘strike force’ on eve of July 4th weekend

Chicago police, federal officials to announce gun violence ‘strike force’ on eve of July 4th weekend

Chicago police and federal authorities on Friday announced an effort to punish firearm offenses in the city swollen by violence.

Authorities say that this effort by police, state soldiers, federal and state agents federal and state prosecutors to target illegal weapons and recidivists combined, Chicago authorities have always stressed that causes blood in the city.

The announcement comes on the weekend early Friday, July 4 typically one of the deadliest periods in Chicago, which in recent years has battled violent abuse.

On Friday morning, hours before the announcement, President Trump has issued a statement on Twitter saying that violence has “reached such epidemic proportions as sending federal aid.”

Chicago had 762 homicides last year, more than the combined number associated with the Death Weapon of New York and Los Angeles, the only two cities in the United States, and the number of visits has remained high this year.

Trump insisted on blood in Chicago, weighing heavily during the election campaign and since he took office. In January, Trump has criticized federal “sends”, which caused some uncertainty in Chicago, where important federal resources were already on the ground and regularly collaborate with the police.
“We’ve always been there,” said David Coulson, spokesman for the Division of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Chicago. “We are working closely with the Chicago Police Department.”

[Trump says he can send “federal” in Chicago. Federal agents are already present.]

Trump’s past town comments have criticized local police and other local officials, including their suggestion in January that violence is “very easy to adjust” and local authorities “did not work”.

His comments bright responses were set up by local police. After mentioning the violence in Chicago in February of Eddie Johnson – the city’s chief of police – he said he expects the Trump administration to “finally meet” local requests for assistance.

Last year, after candidate Trump suggested that violence in Chicago could be disrupted days, Johnson said police would welcome “magic” Trump.

Local officials, in response to previous comments by Trump, said they had asked their government to get more arms control of illegal aid and more federal firearms lawsuits.

On Friday afternoon, local and federal authorities announced what they call the “Chicago Strike Force Strike Force,” which they say will focus especially on people who repeatedly commit crimes against fire and white targets. The illegal weapons in the city.

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