Chandrapur tigress will not be shot, rules High Court

Chandrapur tigress will not be shot, rules High Court

In what can be described as a major blow in the forest department, Nagpur court of the Bombay Supreme Court overturned the Ministry’s order to shoot a tiger who has declared himself a “problem animal” to kill and wound several people.

On June 23, the Chief Conservative of the Forests (Wildlife) and the head of the Provisional Government of Wildlife, AK Mishra gave the order, after which three teams were made to track the animal; The C-60 Maharashtra police commands were also invited by veterinarians and tranquilizing experts.

Nature lovers involved
After the news that the tiger could be converted to social networking sites, nature lovers have criticized the forest department, and one of them, Dr. Jerryl Avinash Banait, approached the Nagpur bank to Bombay Supreme Court Requesting that the order be canceled.

To the wildlife lovers of Nagpur, said: “On Friday, the court overturned the order of the forest department to shoot the tiger, is declared as” problem animals “, the Brahmapuri area.

The court address is a slap in the face of the forest department, which does not follow the guidelines and basic rules before making a statement about a tiger. We hope that at least the forest department does adequate research before doing something like that.

Just soothing
According to the guidelines of the National Tiger Conservation Authority, the identity of the animal must be obtained through a committee created for this purpose by trapping cameras or direct observations or kneading mark impressions, and the hair samples and scat for The profiling of DNA.

If you hear the means to oppose the action of shooting, the court noted that the Department had not complied with these guidelines.

Speaking in the middle of the day, Mishra said: “The Honorable Supreme Court overturned the firing order, but it did reassure the tiger.” All three teams made animal and look, and trap cameras have also been established.

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