Chandrapur tigress will not be shot, rules High Court

Chandrapur tigress will not be shot, rules High Court

In what can be described as a major blow in the forest department, Nagpur court of the Bombay Supreme Court overturned the Ministry’s order to shoot a tiger who has declared himself a “problem animal” to kill and wound several people.

On June 23, the Chief Conservative of the Forests (Wildlife) and the head of the Provisional Government of Wildlife, AK Mishra gave the order, after which three teams were made to track the animal; The C-60 Maharashtra police commands were also invited by veterinarians and tranquilizing experts.

Nature lovers involved
After the news that the tiger could be converted to social networking sites, nature lovers have criticized the forest department, and one of them, Dr. Jerryl Avinash Banait, approached the Nagpur bank to Bombay Supreme Court Requesting that the order be canceled.

To the wildlife lovers of Nagpur, said: “On Friday, the court overturned the order of the forest department to shoot the tiger, is declared as” problem animals “, the Brahmapuri area.

The court address is a slap in the face of the forest department, which does not follow the guidelines and basic rules before making a statement about a tiger. We hope that at least the forest department does adequate research before doing something like that.

Just soothing
According to the guidelines of the National Tiger Conservation Authority, the identity of the animal must be obtained through a committee created for this purpose by trapping cameras or direct observations or kneading mark impressions, and the hair samples and scat for The profiling of DNA.

If you hear the means to oppose the action of shooting, the court noted that the Department had not complied with these guidelines.

Speaking in the middle of the day, Mishra said: “The Honorable Supreme Court overturned the firing order, but it did reassure the tiger.” All three teams made animal and look, and trap cameras have also been established.

Plan for Mumbai’s next big business hub in western suburbs is back on track

Plan for Mumbai’s next big business hub in western suburbs is back on track

After the initial obstacles and a correction of the course by the government, the plan of Minister Debendra Fadnavis to create a business district in Oshiwara seems to be back on track.

The business district project in the western suburbs grew after the urban development department of the state-modified notification to promote the development of mixed users Oshiwara, bringing in half the additional floor space index (ISP) for construction Of housing last November.

“Oshiwara Center District (ODC) is a flow field project, so development depends on the initiative of existing owners.

After the state decided to promote FSI up to 4 business units and up to 3 for residential use, we have now received a good response from developers of residential and commercial units here, “said MMRDA commissioner Madan UPS.

Madan said that with the response and requests of the owners interested, ODC will house 20,000 additional homes, in addition to generating employment at 2.5 lakh.

This commercial enclave will house a mix of information technology and BPO units, as well as those related to the entertainment industry and retail units, including shopping malls and restaurants.

The additional FSI is acquired by paying the Government a premium of 60% of the market value of the land, Madan reported.

FSI is an urban planning tool used by the state to promote development. Refers to the relationship between the constructed area and the total plot size and generally indicates how a developer can build.

Plans for an ODC was almost canceled last year after the planning agency – the Mumbai Metropolitan Development Authority (MMRDA) – said the state government there is no demand for business units in the plot proposed 102 hectares.

The state department of urban development subsequently modified its initial notification to consume 50% of ISPs to 3 for residential units are consumed by trade and 50% of FSIs up to 4 business units used for housing construction.

The state expects the development of mixed users to bring a different character to Oshiwara, different from BKC and Nariman Point, companies oriented to a large extent. Property prices in the city have increased by 30% over the past year with the real estate market price here from Rs15,000 per square foot.

With a new suburban train station and Subway Corridor 2 through Oshiwara, connectivity for this business area is also unlikely to be a problem, said MMRDA officials.

The big question is whether Oshiwara joint development really can generate many jobs and accommodate as many offices as the authorities are waiting against the thousands of homes it is likely to create.

‘Flat out gross and disgusting’: Cable TV erupts at Trump’s Mika Brzezinski tweets

‘Flat out gross and disgusting’: Cable TV erupts at Trump’s Mika Brzezinski tweets

Hours after President Trump unveiled a couple of tweets attempting to attack cable television armies Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, talk shows across the political spectrum have featured long, often angry monologues accusing him of deploring his Office, as well as their wives.

Conservative Charles Krauthammer and Tucker Carlson criticized tweets on Fox News, Krauthammer said “Presidents do not talk like that.”

At CNN, Don Lemon and Anderson Cooper have dedicated their opening speech which is called Lemon Touches “Gross and Crummy” Trump.

And, during a CNN panel Thursday night, editor Kirsten Powers, USA Today, a lively debate began on the definitions of “feminism” and “misogyny” Lord Jeffrey, the MPP for Trump.

But even the Lord, who usually defends it, Trump said, “I do not think I should have done it.”

Few have been as passionate as Nicolle Wallace, a former communications director for President George W. Bush. On his MSNBC show Thursday afternoon, Wallace delivered a burned earth monologue.
“As someone who proudly called me a Republican, the party will be permanently associated with misogyny if the leaders do not stand up and demand a retraction,” Wallace said. The women in the Trump administration are struggling to publicly denounce their boss’s words and “work” behind the scenes to educate them about how offensive they are. ”

[Attack Mika Brzezinski on Twitter Trump: “I’m worried about the country”]

Wallace said Counselor Trump, Kellyanne Conway, Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao, National Security Adviser Dina Powell and Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos.

“More importantly,” Wallace continued, “as the mother of a son, I ask every woman who defends these comments as they plan to raise good men if the most powerful man in the world falls apart.”

Other guest preservatives have been shared in their exasperation.

At the start of an interview with Republican National Committee Chairman Ronna Romney McDaniel, Fox News presenter Julie Banderas, said he would like to start this segment of health care, travel ban or controversial press projections of the White House outside “But I have to start with the President’s tweets.”

McDaniel defended the president’s instinct to fight the criticisms Scarborough and Brzezinski, but Banderas postponed, saying that Trump does not need to look at this level.

“I do not care who you are, you do not go over it,” Banderas said. “I want to say that it’s like me grunting my 4 years to use a bad word, and I repeated it. It’s not just how you can run a country or have a father at 4 years.”

Krauthammer, the dean of conservative newspaper columnists and frequent critic Trump said on a panel with Bret Baier, Fox News, Trump behaved as authoritarian leaders.

“Presidents do not talk that way. They never have,” Krauthammer said. “This is what it sounds like when you live in a banana republic.” So Hugo Chavez talked about his opponents.

Two killed in Pak shelling along LoC in Rajouri district

Two killed in Pak shelling along LoC in Rajouri district

A 13-year-old girl was one of two people killed on Saturday as the Pakistan Rangers resorted to shelling and shooting in a large area near the control line in the Rajouri district in the Pir Panjal Valley. Seven people, including four soldiers, were wounded in the bombing.

“The heavy cross-border bombing was reported in the Nowshera Rajouri subdivision at 7:30 am and continued throughout the day,” said Deputy Commissioner Shahid Iqbal Choudhary Rajouri El Hindu.

After the bombing, authorities decided to close 87 schools in all regions with Rajouri interest.

Civilian casualties were identified as Tufail Hussain (51) and Asiya Bi (13). Of the three wounded, Zaitoon Begum, seriously injured, was transferred to the Jammu Government Medical School, authorities said.

Army spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Manish Mehta said the Pakistan Army has opened an “indiscriminate” call in Indian positions. “Our troops react,” he said.

The most affected villages were Sarya, Khamba, Bhawani, Kalsian and Mahanpur, located less than 2 km from the Control Line. Dr. Choudhary said the attack was hampering rescue operations, while the Jhangar Road was subjected to repeated intense fire.

“Overall, 26 villages in Nowshera and Darhal Qila were affected. Nine towns Majakote tehsil of Rajouri district remained in the firing line for about three hours,” said Dr. Choudhary.

The widespread violation of the cease-fire has forced the migration of some 300 villagers living near the Control Line.

“After the evacuation of people in vulnerable areas, three refugee camps have been commissioned and another 28 were reported to deal with the new affected migration villages in case of continuous bombing,” said the Deputy Commissioner.

Dr Shahid said the heavy bombing also hampered the process of rescue and evacuation, while the path of the Jhangar was subjected to a repeated intense fire.

Condemnation of North Carolina

President of the National Conference Dr. Farooq President Abdullah and Executive Omar Abdullah condemned the continuous bombing across the border. Expressing the deaths of civilians anguish, Dr. Abdullah called for measures to ensure the safety of border residents.


GST rollout: Cracks in Oppn widen as NCP, SP, BSP join JD(U) at midnight session

GST rollout: Cracks in Oppn widen as NCP, SP, BSP join JD(U) at midnight session

On Thursday, 17 opposition parties gathered to celebrate a joint presidential candidate. Only a week later, barely hours to reach the GST projection of midnight in Parliament, his unit crashed.

Fingers are now designated the main opposition of Congress, which has reduced and delayed the decision to attend the session, which led to key allies such as PNC, SP, BSP and JD (S).

The JD (T) had already indicated that he would attend the session.
Congress was not alone, parties TMC, Left, RJD and DMK kept away from case to the central hall, but the cracks in the opposition group were exposed. And that too, at a time when it strives to make strong competition for the elections to the vice presidency.

In fact, even those who had not openly declared their position as TRS and BJD, attended the midnight screening.

The PNC, an all-time ally to Congress in Maharashtra, said the senior partner has been slow to do so, while party leader Sharad Pawar and his daughter Supriya Sule and MP attended the function.
The JD (S) receives a similar complaint. The election of the assembly in Karnataka is due within one year and the presence of Prime Minister Deve Gowda H D in the event organized by the NDA Government could now be open to interpretation.

The Samajwadi Party, which first decided to boycott the event, took a somersault and attended the function in a setback for Congress – the party representing Ram Gopal Yadav and Naresh Agrawal.

Speaking to The Indian Express, leader Tariq Anwar PNC said that Congress had contacted Pawar after announcing the decision to stay away Thursday. “It was sent to them that we can not make the decision in the last step, as it will not be appropriate. They should talk earlier,” he said.

Anwar shares the opinion of Congress that the event was a publicity stunt. “The GST bill was passed unanimously in Parliament.” We had also argued, but there was no need for this function, and we condemn the attempt to stage it by organizing a midnight event, “he said.

But Anwar said the party decided to participate because it had “supported the GST from the beginning.” “It’s a turn of the BJP and Narendra Modi … they had opposed it, and now they celebrate, they always showed double standard,” he said.

Anwar also emphasized that the unity of the opposition would remain intact. “It’s not a big problem … We also oppose the early implementation of the GST,” he said.
The opposition leader in the Rajya Sabha Ghulam Nabi Azad also asked former Prime Minister Gowda and told him that he should not attend the event for a larger opposition unit. At that time, it was too late.

Sources said Finance Minister Arun Jaitely spoke to Ram Gopal Yadav and used his personal relationship with the SP leader to persuade him to change his position.

“When Parliament passed the law, why not be here?” The two sides met and passed the bill, “Yadav said.
In defense of his party’s position, senior congressional leader Anand Sharma said: “Every political party has its own point of view.”

“Congress has made a decision … Other opposition parties have made their decisions – TMC has decided, given the DMK and made its decisions It is not a matter of controversy in Congress had not presented any condition before anyone Of the parties, “Sharma said.

“When we talk about not approving or participating in the banality of serenity and the gravity of the midnight screening in the Central Hall, we do not consider that GST is rejected.

We have argued, we facilitate. But that does not mean that we are, as a serious political party, a party in violation of traditions and dignity and institutional sanctity, “he said.

India, Bhutan urge China for status quo at tri-junction

India, Bhutan urge China for status quo at tri-junction

A statement issued on Friday after days of silence, the government said: “India is deeply concerned about recent Chinese actions and sent the Chinese government that such a construction would represent a significant change of the current situation, with serious security consequences for the India “.

The statement from India comes days after the Chinese spokesman showed an uneasy wrath in his official statements. India maintains a conciliatory tone, but it is clear that Indian troops would not allow China to change the status quo on the ground in this area.

So far, the situation remains “tense, but civilians” between the troops on both sides. At the highest levels of the Indian government, we are determined not to let China Modify the determination of tri-union.

But Kailash Mansarovar Yatra Nathu La was arrested because it is a “punishment” that China wants to impose on India. However, the border trade continues and Lipulekh route to Kailash remains open.

However, due to the fact that the current stagnation situation is not only bilateral, but involves Bhutan, India should play with much more care. National Security Adviser Ajit Doval has interrupted his visit to the United Kingdom, where he led a strategic dialogue to witness this development, while Foreign Minister S Jaishankar who leads the diplomatic exchange with China and Bhutan. At present, the authorities in Beijing and New Delhi are in “constant contact” to calm the situation.

PM Modi meets with Chinese President Xi Jinping during a meeting of the BRICS G-20 margin in Hamburg next week. But it is not yet clear whether there will be a bilateral “withdrawal”.

In September 2014, when the Chumar attack occurred, Modi and Xi had the opportunity to discuss in a bilateral context in New Delhi. However, the current situation is different, the bilateral environment is more tense.

The problem is China’s modus operandi: Chinese troops are steadily advancing, changing the status quo and using later to change the terms of the negotiation, often using the “old time” to justify their actions.

India urged that “all stakeholders had the utmost restraint and respect their respective bilateral agreements do not unilaterally change the status quo.”

In 2012, the special representatives of India and China have a written understanding that the tri-crossing border of India, China and other countries will be finalized in consultation with the countries concerned. Any attempt, therefore, to determine unilaterally tri joining points are in violation of this understanding. ”

On the spot, on June 16, a PLA construction party came with engines and other heavy equipment to build a road in the Doklam region. A message from Bhutan came close to the object, but the Chinese are numerically far superior. Indian soldiers came out to support the effort of Bhutan and stopped stopping the activity of road construction.

“In coordination with the Royal Government of Bhutan, Indian staff, who were present in the general area of ​​Doka, addressed the Chinese construction group and urged them not to change the status quo.

Indian troops will not leave, because any sign that India tolerates Chinese construction activity could endanger the safety of India in the Siliguri corridor, popularly known as the “chicken neck” and could reduce the Northeast Of India, in case of haste.

On 20 June, Bhutan filed a formal complaint with the Chinese embassy in New Delhi, saying that the raid was a “direct violation of the 1988 and 1998 agreements between Bhutan and China and affect the demarcation of the border between the two countries A return to the status quo before June 16, 2017. “

Chicago police, federal officials to announce gun violence ‘strike force’ on eve of July 4th weekend

Chicago police, federal officials to announce gun violence ‘strike force’ on eve of July 4th weekend

Chicago police and federal authorities on Friday announced an effort to punish firearm offenses in the city swollen by violence.

Authorities say that this effort by police, state soldiers, federal and state agents federal and state prosecutors to target illegal weapons and recidivists combined, Chicago authorities have always stressed that causes blood in the city.

The announcement comes on the weekend early Friday, July 4 typically one of the deadliest periods in Chicago, which in recent years has battled violent abuse.

On Friday morning, hours before the announcement, President Trump has issued a statement on Twitter saying that violence has “reached such epidemic proportions as sending federal aid.”

Chicago had 762 homicides last year, more than the combined number associated with the Death Weapon of New York and Los Angeles, the only two cities in the United States, and the number of visits has remained high this year.

Trump insisted on blood in Chicago, weighing heavily during the election campaign and since he took office. In January, Trump has criticized federal “sends”, which caused some uncertainty in Chicago, where important federal resources were already on the ground and regularly collaborate with the police.
“We’ve always been there,” said David Coulson, spokesman for the Division of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Chicago. “We are working closely with the Chicago Police Department.”

[Trump says he can send “federal” in Chicago. Federal agents are already present.]

Trump’s past town comments have criticized local police and other local officials, including their suggestion in January that violence is “very easy to adjust” and local authorities “did not work”.

His comments bright responses were set up by local police. After mentioning the violence in Chicago in February of Eddie Johnson – the city’s chief of police – he said he expects the Trump administration to “finally meet” local requests for assistance.

Last year, after candidate Trump suggested that violence in Chicago could be disrupted days, Johnson said police would welcome “magic” Trump.

Local officials, in response to previous comments by Trump, said they had asked their government to get more arms control of illegal aid and more federal firearms lawsuits.

On Friday afternoon, local and federal authorities announced what they call the “Chicago Strike Force Strike Force,” which they say will focus especially on people who repeatedly commit crimes against fire and white targets. The illegal weapons in the city.


He quips, moving towards others in the room. The post would appear soon on Facebook wall of many users in Bihar, asking them to ponder whether the Prime Minister was economical with the truth when he promised to bring back black money stashed in overseas bank accounts. In all likelihood, it will also prod them to ponder whether the scion has a message noteworthy enough to step into his father’s shoes.

Anu, an MBA graduate from Sikkim Manipal University, is the only woman among the six professionals hired by the RJD to run the war room
for Tej Pratap and younger brother Tejaswi at the three-acre farmhouse. In the last three months the six, led by IT professional Rakesh Kumar Singh, have already finished the first phase of their job—making an exhaustive database comprising every voter in Mahua and Raghopur. Those are the two assembly seats Tej Pratap says he and Tejaswi intend to contest in the assembly elections likely to be held in October or November.

“We have succeeded in connecting with the voters of the two constituen­cies,” Singh says. “If a person in any
of the two constituencies sends us a message about, say, a dysfunctional transformer, we first alert the offi­cial concerned and then connect Tej Pratap Sir with that person. The job is usually done in a day or two.”

Tej Pratap, say his team members, also intervenes whenever required. From sending RJD leaders to resolve disputes among neighbours to call­ing block-level officials for work such as issuing certificates or pensions, the political science graduate from


A look at RJD’s performance in assembly and Lok Sabha polls


February Assembly Polls Single-largest party

Seats Wins Vote share 215              75             25.07%

Rabri Devi

wins from Raghopur


October Assembly Polls Floored by JDU-BJP

Seats Wins Vote share 175              54             23.45%

Rabri Devi




Lok Sabha Polls Nosedive from 22 in ’04 Seats Wins Vote share 28 4               19.31%

Lalu Prasad

wins Saran seat

Lalu Prasad

loses in Patliputra






Patna’s B.N. College—incidentally the same college and the same course that had spawned another student leader called Lalu Prasad so many summers ago—tries to sort out such issues for the locals.

Having collated names of every voter—along with their caste profile, contact numbers and, as an adden­dum to Lalu’s tried-and-tested caste chemistry, Facebook details of those active on social media, the team regu­larly reaches out to these users, check­ing whether everything is all right in their locality, helping them connect with the two young Yadavs, and in between slipping in a subtle political message about how effective the siblings would be as their legislators. In his lat­est Facebook post, Tej Pratap in fact has sought public advice on how to regulate Bihar hos­tels better—an issue he wants to discuss with Chief Minister Nitish Kumar soon.

More than a decade after their father dismissed comput­ers as just another western fad which too will fade away with time, the brothers are investing a huge amount of their time and energy on the same technology to take Lalu’s empire forward.


JD insiders concede that when Lalu accepted Nitish Kumar as the chief ministerial candidate of the Janata Parivar coalition with Nitish’s Janata Dal (United), he informally declared the end of his era. For, this was the first time in 25 years since Lalu took over as the Bihar chief minister that he had agreed to project an outsider for the post. The irony being, Lalu has done it for his family—he agreed to look outside his family to establish his children in politics.

Barred from contesting elections since his conviction in a fodder scam case, having had a heart surgery last August, his party at an all-time low in terms of seats (see box) and dumped as a coalition partner by the Congress— at the behest of another scion, Rahul Gandhi—Lalu is fast running out of
options. Ahead of what is for him and his party a make-or-break elec­tion, he has pinned all hopes on Tej Pratap, Tejaswi and daughter Misa Bharti. While many of his colleagues have parted ways, some have been ousted—expelled Madhepura MP Pappu Yadav says, “Inheritance is fine in property and assets but can­not be allowed in politics”—and still others, bereft of options, have fallen in line on this issue of dynasty politics. In private, most senior RJD leaders are not happy at Lalu’s efforts to hand over the baton to one of his children.

But they dare not confront the chief­tain. Ergo they rally around the Next- Gen Yadavs.

Of the three, Misa, 38 years old and Lalu and Rabri’s first born, is known to be sharp, persuasive, politically ambi­tious and possessing the most mature and astute political brain among the siblings. Although she contested the Lok Sabha elections last summer from Patliputra, a seat her father also contested from in 2009, and lost, the gold-medallist MBBS and mother of two faced a crushing defeat. She lost to BJP’s Ram Kirpal Yadav by more than 40,000 votes. Ever since, she has
stayed below the radar—neither seen nor heard so far in the run-up to the assembly elections. Misa has not even indicated whether she will contest the elections, although it is speculated that she may spring a surprise on poll eve, better prepared than before.

At 5 feet and 8 inches, the mild- mannered Tejaswi comes across as a smoother, more suave version of his father. Unlike Lalu’s homespun man­nerism and carefully nurtured rus­tic charm, Tejaswi is urbane, speaks fluent English and weighs his words carefully. Also unlike his outspoken elder brother Tej Pratap, the commerce graduate who cap­tained the Delhi Public School, R.K. Puram, cricket team and was with the Delhi Daredevils IPL team for four seasons with­out getting a game, keeps his cards close to his chest. Like the eldest sister, he does not even say whether he is interested in contesting the polls, although Tej Pratap gives out the con­stituencies earmarked for the two brothers.

That leaves the elder brother to inherit the mantle. And Lalu too seems to have come to such a conclusion. An inch taller and a year-and-half older, Tej Pratap, the more accessible and straight- talking of the two, was initially thought to be his mother’s favou­rite while Tejaswi was seen as Lalu’s inheritor. However on April 5, when Lalu told his party’s national executive that only a son can succeed a father, the young man accepting greetings and garlands from youth wing members of the RJD was Tej Pratap.

For now, there’s no big, radical pic­ture they are projecting; the brothers are talking about the youth and trying to raise students issues. But whether those can pack enough horsepower to gather speed like their SUVs—Tej Pratap is often seen wheeling a Toyota Fortuner, while Tejaswi steers a Ford Endeavour—and win elections out­side college campuses is a story whose climax can be written only by a face­less crowd called the Bihar