Mumbai: MMRC awards Aarey shed contract, despite NGT ban

Mumbai: MMRC awards Aarey shed contract, despite NGT ban

It seems that the Metro authorities know something that the rest of the city does not. It is common knowledge that construction in the Aarey forest colonies is not allowed, unless the Green National Court (NGT) is lifting its ban.

However, the Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation (MMRC) announced Thursday that it had awarded the contract for the construction of the subway station in Aarey 3 car and that work would begin after the monsoon.

Authorities also said that to save the trees, they have prepared a revised design of the car deposit, which will help save 1,073 trees. However, until 3130 trees will be affected, some will be destroyed, while others will be transplanted.

Authorities were unable to confirm the exact number of trees to be destroyed. It should be noted that toll axis is even larger than the original number of 2294 trees cited by MMRC.

This heavy burden on trees and biodiversity in the Aarey green pocket is why the militants had moved against the NGT car deposit plans.
Meanwhile, the NGT has issued an order to maintain the Aarey status quo and prohibits any construction activity there.

Director (Projects) and Acting Director General, MMRC, SK Gupta said: “We are delighted to award the contract for civil works for the construction of a self-service station Aarey.The contractor is mobilizing equipment and labor, and civil work Should start soon. ”
An MMRC official told this document that, at the end of the monsoon, it is also expected that the final commanders in the NGT trial. “We are positive and believe that NGT orders will be in our favor, because the project is in the highest public interest.”

At a press conference during BKC’s former MMRDA administration building, Metro authorities announced that it had awarded the final contract for public works at the Delhi-based M / s Sam (India) Builtwell Pvt Ltd, which also worked In Deposits of Delhi and Lucknow Meters.

Offers for the construction of the car depot, subway station, workshop buildings and underground passageways for vehicles along the Marol-Maroshi road and related works were invited in January 2017.

The cost of the awarded work is Rs 328 crore and civil work must be completed within 2.5 years of its start.

MMRC officials also said that they take special measures to make the car deposit also environment-friendly as possible, with solar lighting. 70 percent of the surface deposits will not be pavers, so that rainwater can seep into the soil and help maintain the level of groundwater.

Chandrapur tigress will not be shot, rules High Court

Chandrapur tigress will not be shot, rules High Court

In what can be described as a major blow in the forest department, Nagpur court of the Bombay Supreme Court overturned the Ministry’s order to shoot a tiger who has declared himself a “problem animal” to kill and wound several people.

On June 23, the Chief Conservative of the Forests (Wildlife) and the head of the Provisional Government of Wildlife, AK Mishra gave the order, after which three teams were made to track the animal; The C-60 Maharashtra police commands were also invited by veterinarians and tranquilizing experts.

Nature lovers involved
After the news that the tiger could be converted to social networking sites, nature lovers have criticized the forest department, and one of them, Dr. Jerryl Avinash Banait, approached the Nagpur bank to Bombay Supreme Court Requesting that the order be canceled.

To the wildlife lovers of Nagpur, said: “On Friday, the court overturned the order of the forest department to shoot the tiger, is declared as” problem animals “, the Brahmapuri area.

The court address is a slap in the face of the forest department, which does not follow the guidelines and basic rules before making a statement about a tiger. We hope that at least the forest department does adequate research before doing something like that.

Just soothing
According to the guidelines of the National Tiger Conservation Authority, the identity of the animal must be obtained through a committee created for this purpose by trapping cameras or direct observations or kneading mark impressions, and the hair samples and scat for The profiling of DNA.

If you hear the means to oppose the action of shooting, the court noted that the Department had not complied with these guidelines.

Speaking in the middle of the day, Mishra said: “The Honorable Supreme Court overturned the firing order, but it did reassure the tiger.” All three teams made animal and look, and trap cameras have also been established.

Plan for Mumbai’s next big business hub in western suburbs is back on track

Plan for Mumbai’s next big business hub in western suburbs is back on track

After the initial obstacles and a correction of the course by the government, the plan of Minister Debendra Fadnavis to create a business district in Oshiwara seems to be back on track.

The business district project in the western suburbs grew after the urban development department of the state-modified notification to promote the development of mixed users Oshiwara, bringing in half the additional floor space index (ISP) for construction Of housing last November.

“Oshiwara Center District (ODC) is a flow field project, so development depends on the initiative of existing owners.

After the state decided to promote FSI up to 4 business units and up to 3 for residential use, we have now received a good response from developers of residential and commercial units here, “said MMRDA commissioner Madan UPS.

Madan said that with the response and requests of the owners interested, ODC will house 20,000 additional homes, in addition to generating employment at 2.5 lakh.

This commercial enclave will house a mix of information technology and BPO units, as well as those related to the entertainment industry and retail units, including shopping malls and restaurants.

The additional FSI is acquired by paying the Government a premium of 60% of the market value of the land, Madan reported.

FSI is an urban planning tool used by the state to promote development. Refers to the relationship between the constructed area and the total plot size and generally indicates how a developer can build.

Plans for an ODC was almost canceled last year after the planning agency – the Mumbai Metropolitan Development Authority (MMRDA) – said the state government there is no demand for business units in the plot proposed 102 hectares.

The state department of urban development subsequently modified its initial notification to consume 50% of ISPs to 3 for residential units are consumed by trade and 50% of FSIs up to 4 business units used for housing construction.

The state expects the development of mixed users to bring a different character to Oshiwara, different from BKC and Nariman Point, companies oriented to a large extent. Property prices in the city have increased by 30% over the past year with the real estate market price here from Rs15,000 per square foot.

With a new suburban train station and Subway Corridor 2 through Oshiwara, connectivity for this business area is also unlikely to be a problem, said MMRDA officials.

The big question is whether Oshiwara joint development really can generate many jobs and accommodate as many offices as the authorities are waiting against the thousands of homes it is likely to create.

Mumbai: Powai resident slapped by bigot for being in love

Mumbai: Powai resident slapped by bigot for being in love

The struggle for equal rights is making it harder for single women in Mumbai, especially if they are looking to rent a house. Chandreyi Bandyopadhyay (25), a resident of the Suncity complex in Powai, saw the ugly face of chauvinism when a neighbor attacked her for allowing her partner Joydeep Mondal too often.

The incident occurred on Tuesday at 16:30 when Bandyopadhyay and Mondal reached their building at the Sol Powai complex. A neighbor, Anil Ambadan, passed Mondal’s opinion approaching too often in Bandopadhyay. When she protested, Ambadan assaulted.

“I tried to distract them.But he slapped me.I felt humiliated.People stood around and watched.I decided to present a FIR, but when he asked me and others, they agreed to the safety of my peers Then I submitted a late NC, “he said in the middle of the day.

Police Surya Nagar provided par support and urged them to file a FIR. “It was given in writing that it would not interfere with our affairs, in accordance with the Rental Control Act, then leave the matter,” he added.
Ambadan’s apologies read: “I, Anil Ambadan, I hereby confirm that, by anger, Mr. and Mrs. JOYDEEP MONDAL CHANDREYI BANDYOPADHYAY was beaten and abused / threatened in public. On the other hand, I will not interfere in the Personal visitor person or waste material … “(sic).

When he was called, Ambadan said: “I am in the hospital for the treatment of an ear infection and I can not comment.”
What happened with Bandyopadhyay is not uncommon. Most of Mumbai’s young individual professionals experienced a similar episode.

Virar resident Shilpa Mulye (38) said: “Singles are supposed to be problematic, but I am a woman, also from Maharashtra. However, when my friends or parents come, people think they have the right to speculate About my lifestyle “.

Companies say they prefer to go to families because the individual lifestyle creates a problem for others.
Rajesh Sawant, Secretary of the Society The ripples at Shivaji Park, said: “Once a resident has rented his apartment for a single person, he was killed. The tenant who replaced him would create a nuisance by playing music and music consumption.

If the tenant is organizing a party, the rule is that you must inform the company. Will be challenged sudden flash late. This is why homeowners prefer to rent their apartments to families, who tend to be quieter. ”

Human rights activists Rita Mehra wonders how a landlord can judge a person by their marital status. “If a married man or woman called a guest of the opposite sex is fine, but if a resident did the same, it is a source of concern.”

‘Flat out gross and disgusting’: Cable TV erupts at Trump’s Mika Brzezinski tweets

‘Flat out gross and disgusting’: Cable TV erupts at Trump’s Mika Brzezinski tweets

Hours after President Trump unveiled a couple of tweets attempting to attack cable television armies Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, talk shows across the political spectrum have featured long, often angry monologues accusing him of deploring his Office, as well as their wives.

Conservative Charles Krauthammer and Tucker Carlson criticized tweets on Fox News, Krauthammer said “Presidents do not talk like that.”

At CNN, Don Lemon and Anderson Cooper have dedicated their opening speech which is called Lemon Touches “Gross and Crummy” Trump.

And, during a CNN panel Thursday night, editor Kirsten Powers, USA Today, a lively debate began on the definitions of “feminism” and “misogyny” Lord Jeffrey, the MPP for Trump.

But even the Lord, who usually defends it, Trump said, “I do not think I should have done it.”

Few have been as passionate as Nicolle Wallace, a former communications director for President George W. Bush. On his MSNBC show Thursday afternoon, Wallace delivered a burned earth monologue.
“As someone who proudly called me a Republican, the party will be permanently associated with misogyny if the leaders do not stand up and demand a retraction,” Wallace said. The women in the Trump administration are struggling to publicly denounce their boss’s words and “work” behind the scenes to educate them about how offensive they are. ”

[Attack Mika Brzezinski on Twitter Trump: “I’m worried about the country”]

Wallace said Counselor Trump, Kellyanne Conway, Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao, National Security Adviser Dina Powell and Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos.

“More importantly,” Wallace continued, “as the mother of a son, I ask every woman who defends these comments as they plan to raise good men if the most powerful man in the world falls apart.”

Other guest preservatives have been shared in their exasperation.

At the start of an interview with Republican National Committee Chairman Ronna Romney McDaniel, Fox News presenter Julie Banderas, said he would like to start this segment of health care, travel ban or controversial press projections of the White House outside “But I have to start with the President’s tweets.”

McDaniel defended the president’s instinct to fight the criticisms Scarborough and Brzezinski, but Banderas postponed, saying that Trump does not need to look at this level.

“I do not care who you are, you do not go over it,” Banderas said. “I want to say that it’s like me grunting my 4 years to use a bad word, and I repeated it. It’s not just how you can run a country or have a father at 4 years.”

Krauthammer, the dean of conservative newspaper columnists and frequent critic Trump said on a panel with Bret Baier, Fox News, Trump behaved as authoritarian leaders.

“Presidents do not talk that way. They never have,” Krauthammer said. “This is what it sounds like when you live in a banana republic.” So Hugo Chavez talked about his opponents.

China trying to alter territories, India different from 1962: Defence Minister Arun Jaitley

China trying to alter territories, India different from 1962: Defence Minister Arun Jaitley

Defense Minister Arun Jaitley today rejected the warning about continued confrontation on the border with Bhutan.
Calling on India to withdraw its troops from the border areas of Bhutan, China said that India should remember the 1962 war and learn a lesson.

In response to comments made by the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Arun Jaitley said: “India 2017 is different from India 1962. These are different situations.”

Jaitley said that China is trying to invade the lands of Bhutan. He said. “Bhutan’s statements indicate that this is the land of Bhutan is located next to the land of India there is an agreement between India and Bhutan to protect the region.

Jaitley said that Bhutan has stressed that China was trying to usurp its land. India does not enter the land of another country that was said to be China Jaitley.

Previously, Bhutan issued a focus on China yesterday in building a road to its army camp in the Zomplri Doklam region and called on Beijing to restore the previous situation by stopping the operation immediately.

Bhutan’s movement arrives at a time where there is a standing confrontation between Indian and Chinese troops in the Doklam region (also known as the Donglang) Sikkim sector.
Doklam is a disputed territory and Bhutan entered into a written agreement with China until the final settlement of the boundary issue, peace and tranquility must be maintained in the region.

This happened after China accused India of having a “hidden agenda” in the current context of military opposition in the Sikkim area, where Beijing has a territorial dispute with Bhutan.

“The Chinese Foreign Ministry issued a statement June 26, 2017 alleging that border troops from India crossed the border into the Sikkim area of ​​the China-India border and entered the Chinese territory. Reiterated as in other official Chinese reports.

2. The facts of the matter are:
I. On June 16, a PLA construction company entered the Doklam area and tried to build a road. We understand that a patrol of the Royal Army of Bhutan tried to dissuade them from this unilateral activity. Ambassador of the Royal Government of Bhutan has stated publicly that he had protested to the Chinese Government through his embassy in New Delhi on 20 June.

Ii. Yesterday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bhutan has also issued a statement emphasizing that the construction of the road within bhoutanien territory is a direct violation of the 1988 and 1998 agreements between Bhutan and China and affects the demarcation process of the Border between the two countries. They called for a return to the status quo by June 16, 2017.

III. In keeping with its tradition of close consultations on issues of common concern, Royal Government of Bhutan and the Government of India have been in continuous contact with the deployment of these developments.

Iv. In coordination with the Royal Government of Bhutan, Indian staff, who were present in the general area of ​​Doka, addressed the Chinese construction group and urged them not to change the status quo. These efforts continue.

V. The issue was discussed between India and China diplomatically in foreign ministries, since then, New Delhi and Beijing. It has also been a meeting of border officials in Nathu La, on June 20.

3. India is deeply concerned about recent Chinese actions and sent the Chinese government that such a construction would represent a significant change in the current situation with serious consequences for the security of India.

4. In this context, the Indian side emphasized that the two Governments had concluded that in 2012 the three-point border of India, China and other countries will be finalized in consultation with the countries concerned. Any attempt, therefore, to unilaterally determine the tri-union point is contrary to this understanding.

Aunt arrested for Malad toddler’s kidnap, murder

Aunt arrested for Malad toddler’s kidnap, murder

MUMBAI: Four days after the kidnapping and murder of Vivaan Kandu, two years, police arrested Malad his aunt on the basis of circumstantial evidence Friday. Vivaan was first discovered with his aunt, Indu Gupta, 30, on Monday night and his body was found in a gun bag outside his residence on Tuesday morning.

Police said that Indu had constant fights with Vivaan’s mother, Soni, and had recently threatened to do “something big.” Indu has not confessed to the crime. On June 26, Indu sent his son Vivaan to take him home around 5:00 p.m. The Gupta and Kandus live only 25 meters from each other at Kaachpada in Malad.

At 19:30, Vivaan’s father, Sandeep, returned from work and asked where the child was. He wanted to take Vivaan doctor. Soni said he was in Vivaan Indu.

But he questioned, Indu said he asked his daughter to leave the Vivaan home at 17:30. The Kandus then frantically searched for Vivaan for almost an hour before approaching the police.

“No one saw Vivaan after his departure to the place of his aunt. In other words, the Indu version does not agree with the statements offered by other witnesses.

He was not even present when we were looking at Vivaan Kaachpada and he arrived later, “said Sudhir Mahadik, chief inspector, Malad police.” Vivaan’s post-mortem examination gave suffocation as the cause of death. Strangled

Indu will be interrogated to establish the sequence of events leading to delinquency. Surveys can also be done with her husband Dharmendra, if he was involved in the crime.

Police said Indu Soni and competed in a mirror during a family wedding in Uttar Pradesh.

The two families had traveled from Mumbai to UP for the wedding. Indu having spoken ill of Soni to his nephew and asked him not to pay attention to Soni. She humiliated Soni by asking him to leave the house after an argument.
Returning to Mumbai by train, the two women clashed in the window seat. The problem is not over. On June 13, Indu Soni complained to the latter’s stepmother.

She threatened to go to Soni “something so big it would speed up the world.” In addition to personal conflict, there was also a property dispute between the two families.

The police examined the house of Indu any kind of evidence and that the crime. It is unclear how and where the child died before his body was thrown into a pistol bag. A judge returned Indu in custody until July 7.

“Indu took my little son home every day for the past 10 days.” “I never suspected anything sick in his family.” Indu must have completed the crime for several days, “Asan, a grandmother from Vivaan told TOI recently.

In NASA simulation, people tote hardy, allergy-inducing molds to Mars

In NASA simulation, people tote hardy, allergy-inducing molds to Mars

For many terrestrial terrains, our planet is filled with pollen, spores and toxins in the air overcrowding the schnozes and turn respiratory signs. Unfortunately, space rock jumping can not help, a new NASA study suggests.

In a 30-day simulation on another planet, NASA researchers found that the fungi were following the artificial astronauts and established their own colonies. Many of these small space explorers excel at surviving in extremely difficult conditions, such as saline soils and high altitude acids of the Indian Himalayas or radioactive remains of Chernobyl.

And several fungi that survived the world in simulation are associated with allergies and asthma inside, researchers report this week in the journal Microbiology.

During a stay in the hospital, all the microbial demons crumble between you and the room
“The statement” where humans go, the microbes in the car with them “is true for mushrooms,” said Kasthuri Venkateswaran, lead author on Ars. He works at the Planetary Biotechnology and Protection Group at NASA’s Propulsion Laboratory.

“At present, most of our studies have been conducted to determine the dynamic changes in bacteria, not fungi,” he says. “This is the first study that examined the mushroom changes in a confined environment for at least 30 days of human presence in isolation using molecular methods.”

The NASA simulation is the first step towards understanding what may be worlds fungi – mycobiomes – our future space colonies. But so far, they seem to argue mycobiomes monitoring in the future. In addition to causing respiratory problems and allergies, fungi can cause infections and accelerate deterioration of materials.

Microbial migrants

For the essay, Venkateswaran and his colleagues had three students spend 30 days in the March lunar / analog 12-meter inflatable habitat 10 meters by 2.5 meters or ILMAH. During the test, the ILMAH was a closed system with little outlet or inlet past the air and samples (through an airlock).

Four times in the past 30 days, habitat students cleaned and cleaned eight locations at ILMAH, on days 0, 13, 20 and 30. On the outside, researchers collected swabs and attempted to grow and sequence genetic material from Swabs of fungi. In the end, 117 fungal isolates were grown and sequences were obtained from 113 of them.

Through the time points, researchers found that the total amount of mushrooms collected decreased, but the diversity – the number of different types – has increased. Fungal levels may have increased before humans did not move and were then crushed or crushed by humans during the mushrooms.

Over time, species of the genera Epiccocum, Alternaria, Pleosporales, Davidiella and Cryptococcus increased. Epiccocum and Alternaria, part of the family Pleosporaceae, were also the most abundant.

These are common home molds that can colonize the human body and produce toxins, volatile organic compounds and enzymes that can cause respiratory irritation.

The researchers also found a small increase in members of the family Cladosporium davidiellaceae Aurobasidium and in the family of Dothioraceae, some of which can survive in extreme conditions, such as the Antarctic ice. These fungi can feel right at home on any new planet they are.

NASA reveals space weapon to stop asteroids but what happens if it fails?

NASA reveals space weapon to stop asteroids but what happens if it fails?

NASA unveiled a space weapon that could prevent an apocalyptic land of asteroids hitting hidden but if the plan fails, Armageddon could be more real than we think.
Even theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking says it is only a matter of time until Earth, as we know, can be destroyed by an asteroid.

“This is not science fiction. It is guaranteed by the laws of physics and probability,” Professor Hawking said in a speech at the Starmus science festival this year.
He affirmed that if the human race did not begin to leave the Earth to another planet, that ran the risk of “annihilated”.

“Reclining in space will completely change the future of mankind. One can also determine if we have a future,” said Professor Hawking.
Science Daily reports Professor Alan Fitzsimmons astrophysicist also warns if an asteroid hits the earth, could destroy an entire city.

“More than 1800 potentially dangerous objects have been discovered so far, but there are many more waiting to find,” he said.

“Astronomers find the asteroids close to Earth every day and most are harmless. However, it is still possible that the next Tunguska surprise us, and although we are much better at finding the larger asteroids, it does us no good if We are not willing to do something about it.

The last major asteroid to collide with Earth was in 1908. The asteroid or comet of Tunguska exploded in a zone of forest in Siberia, flattening 2,000 square kilometers.

According to the source book of the Tunguska event, it was the largest impact event on Earth, with the estimated comet size between 60 and 190 meters wide. It is believed that the explosion would hit more than 80 million trees and have registered a magnitude of 5.0 or higher on the Richter scale.

Research on the event by the Italian researcher Giuseppe Longo, physicist at the University of Bologna, found that the explosion was able to destroy a city.

This year’s research from the University of Southampton has revealed that there would be winds and tsunami killers if an apocalyptic asteroid hits the ground.

Researchers say the winds caused by the asteroid could be more damaging than the asteroid itself and could eliminate millions.

The university said winds and shockwaves account for 60 percent of deaths if an asteroid struck Earth.

The researchers examined seven different asteroid impacts of the end of the world, such as heat, pressure, shockwaves, debris, tsunamis, wind gusts, seismic quake and crater, and shockwaves and gusts of wind were the More deadly.

“Shock waves from a peak of atmospheric pressure and can rupture internal organs, while gusts of wind have enough energy to make the human body work and flatten the forests,” the research said.

The investigation examined a number of different scenarios if an asteroid hit Berlin and London. If an asteroid was 50 meters wide and a blast of air traveled 20 kilometers and hit the two cities, it kills 1.2 million people in Berlin and more than 2.8 million people in London.

Scientists Discover Solar Cell That May Be The Most Efficient In The World

Scientists Discover Solar Cell That May Be The Most Efficient In The World

WASHINGTON: Scientists have developed a new solar cell that converts direct sunlight into electricity at 44.5 percent efficiency and could become the most efficient solar cell in the world.

The prototype incorporates several cells stacked in a single device capable of capturing almost all of the energy in the solar spectrum, the researchers said.

The approach developed by researchers at George Washington University (GWU) in the US Is different solar panels that could be seen on the roofs or in the fields.

The new device uses photovoltaic concentrators (CPVs), which use lenses to focus sunlight on tiny microscale solar cells.

Because of their small size – less than a square millimeter – solar cells using more sophisticated materials can be developed in a cost-effective way, according to the researchers.

Matthew lumb web of George Washington University
Matthew Lumb is the lead author of the study on the new solar cell
The stacked cell is almost like a sieve for sunlight, materials specialized in each energy layer of a specific set of absorption wavelengths.

When the light circulates in the battery, a little less than half of the available energy is converted into electricity.

In comparison, the most common solar cell makes today only a quarter of the energy available in electricity.

“Approximately 99 percent of the power contained in direct sunlight reaches the earth’s surface falls between wavelengths of 250 nanometers (nm) and 2500 nm, but conventional materials for multi-junction high efficiency solar cells It can not capture the entire spectral range, “said Matthew Lumb, lead author of the study published in the journal Advanced Materials Energy.

“Our new device is able to unlock the energy stored in them long-lasting photons, which are lost in conventional solar cells, and thus provides a path to the achievement of the final multiunion solar cell,” said M. Lumb.

Although scientists have been working towards the most efficient solar cells for years, this approach has two new aspects.

Firstly, it uses a family of materials based on gallium antimonide substrates (GaSb), which are normally found in applications of infrared lasers and photodetectors.

The new GaSb-based solar cells are assembled into a structure stacked with solar cells at high efficiency grown on conventional substrates that capture solar photons shorter wavelength.

In addition, the stacking procedure uses a technique known as transfer printing, which allows for a three-dimensional assembly of these small devices with a high degree of accuracy.

Although this particular solar cell is very expensive, researchers believe it is important to show the upper limit of what is possible in terms of efficiency.

Despite the current costs of the materials involved, the technique used to create the cells is very promising, according to the researchers….