Day: August 9, 2017

Aunt arrested for Malad toddler’s kidnap, murder

Aunt arrested for Malad toddler’s kidnap, murder

MUMBAI: Four days after the kidnapping and murder of Vivaan Kandu, two years, police arrested Malad his aunt on the basis of circumstantial evidence Friday. Vivaan was first discovered with his aunt, Indu Gupta, 30, on Monday night and his body was found in a gun bag outside his residence on Tuesday morning.

Police said that Indu had constant fights with Vivaan’s mother, Soni, and had recently threatened to do “something big.” Indu has not confessed to the crime. On June 26, Indu sent his son Vivaan to take him home around 5:00 p.m. The Gupta and Kandus live only 25 meters from each other at Kaachpada in Malad.

At 19:30, Vivaan’s father, Sandeep, returned from work and asked where the child was. He wanted to take Vivaan doctor. Soni said he was in Vivaan Indu.

But he questioned, Indu said he asked his daughter to leave the Vivaan home at 17:30. The Kandus then frantically searched for Vivaan for almost an hour before approaching the police.

“No one saw Vivaan after his departure to the place of his aunt. In other words, the Indu version does not agree with the statements offered by other witnesses.

He was not even present when we were looking at Vivaan Kaachpada and he arrived later, “said Sudhir Mahadik, chief inspector, Malad police.” Vivaan’s post-mortem examination gave suffocation as the cause of death. Strangled

Indu will be interrogated to establish the sequence of events leading to delinquency. Surveys can also be done with her husband Dharmendra, if he was involved in the crime.

Police said Indu Soni and competed in a mirror during a family wedding in Uttar Pradesh.

The two families had traveled from Mumbai to UP for the wedding. Indu having spoken ill of Soni to his nephew and asked him not to pay attention to Soni. She humiliated Soni by asking him to leave the house after an argument.
Returning to Mumbai by train, the two women clashed in the window seat. The problem is not over. On June 13, Indu Soni complained to the latter’s stepmother.

She threatened to go to Soni “something so big it would speed up the world.” In addition to personal conflict, there was also a property dispute between the two families.

The police examined the house of Indu any kind of evidence and that the crime. It is unclear how and where the child died before his body was thrown into a pistol bag. A judge returned Indu in custody until July 7.

“Indu took my little son home every day for the past 10 days.” “I never suspected anything sick in his family.” Indu must have completed the crime for several days, “Asan, a grandmother from Vivaan told TOI recently.