16-Hour-Long Mumbai BEST Bus Strike Called Off

Hours after 3800 buses of Bombay Electric Supply and Transportation or better to leave roads in Mumbai, Protestant workers against the disbursement of wages, the strike was canceled.

The withdrawal came after the intervention of Shiv Sena President Uddhav Thackeray, who met with the leaders of nine top-ranking union leaders, including Shashank S Rao, at his residence.

It is expected that M. Thackeray’s commitment to meet the needs of employees, including the payment of wages on time.

The strike was to press for various demands, including the irregular payments of salaries by Best, managed by the municipality of Brihanmumbai Municipal or BMC.

The entire fleet of 3800 buses remained in city-wide warehouses since midnight while employees associated with nine unions remained in service, leaving more than 30 lakh passengers stranded on Raksha Bandhan day when the public transport demand Has exploded.

The workers have not received their wages in the last three months. The best personnel and management of BMC were to issue head.

Shashank Rao said that employees want their wages on time and a company of the same by the BMC, which regulates the public body for civilian transport and electricity.

Maharashtra chief minister Devendra Fadnavis, BMC Commissioner Ajoy Mehta, Shiv Sena and the president, Uddhav Thackeray yesterday asked for an urgent meeting with the different unions, but the talks remained conclusive.

“We wanted a written guarantee from the BMC, but that did not happen, so we decided not to report the service from midnight.” No bus can not be used today, “said M. Rao.
It also requires all the facilities for the workers to which the BEST BMC employees are entitled.

“We want a letter from the BEST civic commissioner admitting that he’s part of BMC. We’re not going to hit until we get a written guarantee,” he added.

M. Rao also warned that other unions, including the autorickshaw would participate in the strike, if necessary.

According to better officers, for the past 12 years, the fleet has increased, while the number of passengers boarded the buses dropped by 40 lakh a few years ago to 30 lakh now.

Being a government company, the organization offers subsidized services to travelers.

The best general manager, Surendrakumar Bagade, however, promised that the agency will pay for its treatments before 10 August.

“We are going to pay their salaries before the 10th of every month. We have made this decision without taking into account the financial crisis facing the best for the moment,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Mumbaikars are forced to pay for the nose for autorickshaw or taxi due to the strike of the best buses. Many passengers charge much more than the current bill.

The State Highway Development Corporation of Maharashtra has deployed state transportation buses in some key areas to cope with rainfall while private buses were allowed to carry regular passengers.

School buses have also ordered cars belonging to companies and commercial vehicles.

Opposition Protest Over Different Types of Currency Disrupt Rajya Sabha

New Delhi: The opposition Congress, backed by TMC and JD (T) on Tuesday imposed four postponements of research on the Rajya Sabha in what it called “the biggest scam of the century” in printing two different types of 500 and 1000 Rupee notes.

Members of Congress who shouted slogans set on it, as well as House leader Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, said that the opposition party had raised “frivolous” issues without warning to end the minutes of the hour zero.

They were supported by Sharad Yadav (JD-T) who has published copies of certain currency notes.

Some members including Derek O’Brien (TMC) publish the new 500 Rupee notes issued after demonetization to show the sizes they have made.

The first time he offered to present the Jaitley notes for review and then approached him to explain the difference. However, he did not leave the notes with the Minister of Finance.

Jaitley said there was no provision of the rules that all could “illuminate any document and say that this is a matter of order.”

“It’s not a bad use of midnight going on,” he said, adding that Congress first raised the issue of provision for None-Of-The-Above (NB) in the poll vote for Rajya Sabha but then discovered that The measures were taken during his government.

“You have raised frivolous problems at zero time and without notice” to interrupt and not receive answers, he said, but did not respond to the arguments of the opposition in the size notes.

Increasing the issue through a point of order, Kapil Sibal (Cong) said that different sizes of the new high denomination coin were printed – “one for the party in power (members) and one for the other” .

“We have now found out why the government took demonetization (old 500 and 1000 rupees in November last year),” he said.

Opposition leader Ghulam Nabi Azad (Cong) said “this is the biggest scam of the century”.

While Minister of Law Ravi Shankar Prasad and Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi replied, Azad said that two types of bills are printed.

“The government has no right to remain in power for five minutes,” he said.

Vice President PJ Kurien said, although there are two types of notes, it can not be a matter of order. “You raise the question in a different way.”

“This is a serious problem,” O’Brien said as he published two Rs 500 notes which, according to him, were different in size and design.

Prasad asked the members of the opposition to explain where they got the money from the entrances.

Sharad Yadav (JD-T) says that no country in the world had two notes of different sizes. “One of them is bigger, one is smaller,” he said. “I can give signed (copies of notes).”

Kurien said he was not an expert to examine the notes.

“You give your opinion separately.”

“I’m going to give the Minister of Finance,” O’Brien said.

Kurien said: “Give the Minister of Finance, I have no objection.”

Anand Sharma (Cong) said that the credibility of the currency in circulation has been questioned.

However, Kurien said that the problem can not be resumed on a point of order and that members should give a separate notice.

How The Numbers Stack up in Gujarat Rajya Sabha Elections

New Delhi: The Gujarat Rajya Sabha elections set for Tuesday shone on the political secretary of Congressional President Sonia Gandhi, Ahmed Patel, who would question the Balvantsinh Rajput BJP polls.

This raises the question of whether a candidate is elected member of the Rajya Sabha? And for whom are the results? News18 connects the dots:

A Rajya Sabha member of any state is elected by dividing the total number of eligible votes (legislators) in the set with the number of candidates to set up, plus one.

In the case of Gujarat, there were originally 182 eligible votes. After the recent resignation of Congress, the total number of eligible votes rose to 176.

As it is today, how do the numbers work – 176 divided by 4, which equals 44, adding another to take it halfway – the number to which a candidate should be chosen for the 45-year Rajya Sabha stops.

Before Congress, the MLA resignations (of 182 legislators), 121 were from the BJP, Congress 57, NCP 2 and 1 JD (U) and independent Shankersinh Vaghela.

After the resignation, the total number increased to 176 and Congress can boast only 51 deputies.

To keep its remaining herd together, Congress moved all its Gujarat parliamentarians into the Bangalore station. Seven of its 51 lawmakers did not travel with the group, raising doubts about the fact that Patel would not receive their support.

So if we subtract seven out of 51, he left Ahmed Patel the support of 44 lawmakers – some of the magic numbers. On the other hand, the BJP in its total of 121 votes will vote for the first time for Amit Shah and Smriti Irani.

Given that he would vote for the exact number of 45 for both, he would leave them 31 votes in Balvantsinh Rajput – a member of Congress on July 20, at 15:30 INC resigned and joined at 17:30 BJP.

One of the key players is former congressman Gujarat Shankersinh Vaghela. The leader is linked to Balvantsinh Rajput, as the son of the BJP candidate is married to Vaghela’s granddaughter. Meanwhile, the independent candidate is now automatically a “friend” of Ahmed Patel.

If in case there is a tie or no candidate gets the required number, there would be a second preference given count and the fact that the BJP has a majority in the assembly, this would be a change in Rajput.

Political analysts believe that if Ahmed Patel is defeated, then there would be nothing more than a political coup to head Sonia Gandhi, while Patel was the political advisor to the president of Congress.

Mumbai: Druggies use BMC’s ‘maternity home’ for anti-social activities

Mumbai: Druggies use BMC’s ‘maternity home’ for anti-social activities

Drugs, alcohol and sex – all goes well in the noses of the BMC at their maternity in Goregaon (East). The three-story building, built in 2012, has been vacant for five years. In the absence of security, discontents have made most of the space at no cost.

The issue was highlighted when private company BJP Priti Satam has received complaints from local residents about nuisances caused by antisocial elements in the region.

Speaking in the middle of the day, she said: “On Monday, when I visited the building, I was surprised to see the pathetic where it was.

One room had hidden beer bottles, another condom vacuum bag and cigarettes. It is possible that the place is or will be used for prostitution. The doors and windows are broken. It has become a cave of evildoers.

“I pursued the issue with the local health and health department. In the last four months, I wrote letters to almost all civilian and police authorities to deploy at least one guard, so these activities can be stopped, however , Nothing has been done about it, “he added.

According to the procedure in 2014, the developer gave the building to the BMC, but could not start until the date declared Satam.

Bottles of beer, drug paraphernalia and a sheet and empty packages of condoms in their parts
He did not change the situation, said Wednesday that he had raised the issue at a meeting of the Committee on Women’s Rights and Child Protection.

“I have provided photographs of the pathetic state in which the building was in which I was suggested that officials were accustomed to appoint a contractor to start maternity,” he said.

The BMC has not spent money to build the building since it was built under the Public-Private Partnership (APP) module, where land is awarded to a manufacturer to build commercial and public spaces.

The BMC has 28 city maternities. If it is in operation, this will benefit families belonging to the economically weaker section Gokuldham, Nagari Nivara and Appa Pada in Malad and neighboring regions. This could help about 1 lakh women, who currently have at the Sidharth Goregaon (West) hospital.

When the question was asked, the Welfare and Welfare Chairperson of the Women and Children Committee, Sindhu Masurkar, said: “I saw the photographs and asked the health department to arrange a visit next week. .
other side

The health official of the executive, Dr. Padmaja Keskar, said: “We intend to develop motherhood as part of the PPP. It was delayed because the PPP policy is being reviewed.

When asked how long it was going to become functional, no deadline was given.

On the issue of lack of security guard outside the building, Keskar said he had to consult with the supplier of the South P-dormitory (Goregaon).

Gujarat Rajya Sabha Election 2017 LIVE: Congress denies cross-voting reports, says JD(U) also polled for Ahmed Patel

Suspended on the fate of Ahmed Patel, political secretary of Congress Speaker Sonia Gandhi, looking for a fifth term in the Rajya Sabha, and the BJP has tried to block their efforts during the biennial elections Tuesday.

The 44 members of Congress, who were sent to Bangalore to avoid “fleeing” by the BJP, returned to the state on Monday.

They were transferred to Nijanand Resort, near Anand. His family was at the resort for the Raksha Bandhan festival.

Of the 57 legislators of the party in the 182-member assembly of Gujarat, six left the party on July 26 and three of them have joined the Bharatiya Janata Party on July 28. Of the remaining 51 deputies, seven, including Shankersinh Vaghela, did not join those who have been sent to Bangalore.

Patel, who needs 45 votes against one priority in a house with an effective force of 176 parliamentarians, expressed confidence that he will win the election with the support of 44 party members and the support of two PNC and one JD-T member.

“I have talked to Sharad Pawarji and promised all the help for Congress.” He even started a whip. As for Vaghela, he himself has promised that he will vote for me and I believe he will follow his word, “he said. .

He was asked about the alleged vigilance over him and members of Congress for the BJP to power, he said: “I do not know why I like this Targeted This is an example of a banana republic ..

“I have full confidence in my victory tomorrow despite the BJP’s attempts and the number is going to surprise everyone,” Patel said at a private resort near Anand where 44 members are.

Tuesday, lawmakers go directly to the state capital, Gandhinagar, to vote for candidate Rajya Sabha, Ahmed Patel.

In New Delhi, Congress expressed confidence in the victory of Ahmed Patel, BJP despite attempts to attract members through money, power and threats.

“BJP by adopting low-cost methods, conspires to transform minority majority vote in Gujarat,” Congress said.

“They can make every attempt to insult the people’s mandate … But we are sure that Ahmed Patel will be victorious …,” said Congress Speaker Randeep Singh Surjewala, in a conference with reporters.

“People have rejected them.It was demonstrated in the assembly elections.BJP is concerned about the loss of Gujarat, so do everything possible to lower the level of the policy.

“What they are trying to conspire (BJP), Congress will travel the road of truth and win,” he added.

On Monday, Vaghela said she was not in touch with members of Congress. He also said that his relations with Congress leader Ahmed Patel were “very cordial”.

Vaghela, who stepped down from Congress in July, told NDTV in an interview that it was not a matter of getting a BJP offer.

He was asked about his vote, Vaghela said that the vote was “ownership of an axis of action.” I do not want to expose. ”

He was asked about speculation that he had been offered governor by the BJP, Vaghela said there were no discussions between him and the Bharatiya Janata Party.

“There is no doubt about the offer,” he said, adding that the BJP leaders were not in touch with him.

Mumbai: MMRC awards Aarey shed contract, despite NGT ban

Mumbai: MMRC awards Aarey shed contract, despite NGT ban

It seems that the Metro authorities know something that the rest of the city does not. It is common knowledge that construction in the Aarey forest colonies is not allowed, unless the Green National Court (NGT) is lifting its ban.

However, the Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation (MMRC) announced Thursday that it had awarded the contract for the construction of the subway station in Aarey 3 car and that work would begin after the monsoon.

Authorities also said that to save the trees, they have prepared a revised design of the car deposit, which will help save 1,073 trees. However, until 3130 trees will be affected, some will be destroyed, while others will be transplanted.

Authorities were unable to confirm the exact number of trees to be destroyed. It should be noted that toll axis is even larger than the original number of 2294 trees cited by MMRC.

This heavy burden on trees and biodiversity in the Aarey green pocket is why the militants had moved against the NGT car deposit plans.
Meanwhile, the NGT has issued an order to maintain the Aarey status quo and prohibits any construction activity there.

Director (Projects) and Acting Director General, MMRC, SK Gupta said: “We are delighted to award the contract for civil works for the construction of a self-service station Aarey.The contractor is mobilizing equipment and labor, and civil work Should start soon. ”
An MMRC official told this document that, at the end of the monsoon, it is also expected that the final commanders in the NGT trial. “We are positive and believe that NGT orders will be in our favor, because the project is in the highest public interest.”

At a press conference during BKC’s former MMRDA administration building, Metro authorities announced that it had awarded the final contract for public works at the Delhi-based M / s Sam (India) Builtwell Pvt Ltd, which also worked In Deposits of Delhi and Lucknow Meters.

Offers for the construction of the car depot, subway station, workshop buildings and underground passageways for vehicles along the Marol-Maroshi road and related works were invited in January 2017.

The cost of the awarded work is Rs 328 crore and civil work must be completed within 2.5 years of its start.

MMRC officials also said that they take special measures to make the car deposit also environment-friendly as possible, with solar lighting. 70 percent of the surface deposits will not be pavers, so that rainwater can seep into the soil and help maintain the level of groundwater.

Chandrapur tigress will not be shot, rules High Court

Chandrapur tigress will not be shot, rules High Court

In what can be described as a major blow in the forest department, Nagpur court of the Bombay Supreme Court overturned the Ministry’s order to shoot a tiger who has declared himself a “problem animal” to kill and wound several people.

On June 23, the Chief Conservative of the Forests (Wildlife) and the head of the Provisional Government of Wildlife, AK Mishra gave the order, after which three teams were made to track the animal; The C-60 Maharashtra police commands were also invited by veterinarians and tranquilizing experts.

Nature lovers involved
After the news that the tiger could be converted to social networking sites, nature lovers have criticized the forest department, and one of them, Dr. Jerryl Avinash Banait, approached the Nagpur bank to Bombay Supreme Court Requesting that the order be canceled.

To the wildlife lovers of Nagpur, said: “On Friday, the court overturned the order of the forest department to shoot the tiger, is declared as” problem animals “, the Brahmapuri area.

The court address is a slap in the face of the forest department, which does not follow the guidelines and basic rules before making a statement about a tiger. We hope that at least the forest department does adequate research before doing something like that.

Just soothing
According to the guidelines of the National Tiger Conservation Authority, the identity of the animal must be obtained through a committee created for this purpose by trapping cameras or direct observations or kneading mark impressions, and the hair samples and scat for The profiling of DNA.

If you hear the means to oppose the action of shooting, the court noted that the Department had not complied with these guidelines.

Speaking in the middle of the day, Mishra said: “The Honorable Supreme Court overturned the firing order, but it did reassure the tiger.” All three teams made animal and look, and trap cameras have also been established.

Blue Whale Challenge Game : 17-year-old Russian girl arrested for “fatal suicide”


The Russian police invaded his home and published a video showing portraits of Russian psychology student Philip Budeikin who confessed to inventing the game and is currently in prison, reported Hindustan Times.

The girl, also known as the “death group manager”, was originally a player who did not complete the Blue Whale Challenge and would have invented the 50 stages in the horrible game that ends up being suicide, according to India today.

arrested for a game of suicide

A 17-year-old Russian girl, alleged administrator of the deadly blue whale Suicide Game Challenge adventure, was detained in the Khabarovsk Krai region in southeastern Russia.

According to the subway, the girl was tasked to create the 50 challenges they learned and forced the “players” into the game to inflict their own damage, culminating in suicide. The report said Colonel Irina Volk of the Russian Ministry of the Interior said: “This administrator was sending particular, often fatal, tasks to each of several dozen members of the group. their relatives for not accomplishing the tasks. ”
The Russian police invaded his home and published a video showing portraits of Russian psychology student Philip Budeikin who confessed to inventing the game and is currently in prison, reported Hindustan Times.

The girl, also known as the “death group manager”, was originally a player who did not complete the Blue Whale Challenge and would have invented the 50 stages in the horrible game that ends up being suicide, according to India today.
The police video showed the unnamed daughter unnoticed at home while authorities searched her property and found drawings and sketches related to suicide, according to News18.

The Blue Whale Challenge is a 50-day deadly game that requires players to complete tasks by an anonymous “manager”. The “manipulator” asks players to cause their damage, resulting in suicide. Some of the tasks include awakening at odd hours to watch a horror film to carve a blue whale in the body. It is believed that fatal gambling has caused nearly 100 deaths in the United States, China and other countries.

The game also made inroads in India. It emerged when a 14-year-old boy in Mumbai committed suicide after leaving a seven-story building.

More recently, Vignesh, a 19-year-old university student from Madurai district, Tamil Nadu, committed suicide on Wednesday, hanging in his home to authorities who linked him to the Blue Whale Challenge. According to his suicide note, Vignesh wrote: “The blue whale is not a game, once you enter, you can not go out.” The police also found the image of a carved whale in Vignesh’s left hand with a “blue whale” beneath it.

Such cases have also emerged in Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal. States have advised schools, teachers and parents to advise children about the risk of these dangerous online games.

Plan for Mumbai’s next big business hub in western suburbs is back on track

Plan for Mumbai’s next big business hub in western suburbs is back on track

After the initial obstacles and a correction of the course by the government, the plan of Minister Debendra Fadnavis to create a business district in Oshiwara seems to be back on track.

The business district project in the western suburbs grew after the urban development department of the state-modified notification to promote the development of mixed users Oshiwara, bringing in half the additional floor space index (ISP) for construction Of housing last November.

“Oshiwara Center District (ODC) is a flow field project, so development depends on the initiative of existing owners.

After the state decided to promote FSI up to 4 business units and up to 3 for residential use, we have now received a good response from developers of residential and commercial units here, “said MMRDA commissioner Madan UPS.

Madan said that with the response and requests of the owners interested, ODC will house 20,000 additional homes, in addition to generating employment at 2.5 lakh.

This commercial enclave will house a mix of information technology and BPO units, as well as those related to the entertainment industry and retail units, including shopping malls and restaurants.

The additional FSI is acquired by paying the Government a premium of 60% of the market value of the land, Madan reported.

FSI is an urban planning tool used by the state to promote development. Refers to the relationship between the constructed area and the total plot size and generally indicates how a developer can build.

Plans for an ODC was almost canceled last year after the planning agency – the Mumbai Metropolitan Development Authority (MMRDA) – said the state government there is no demand for business units in the plot proposed 102 hectares.

The state department of urban development subsequently modified its initial notification to consume 50% of ISPs to 3 for residential units are consumed by trade and 50% of FSIs up to 4 business units used for housing construction.

The state expects the development of mixed users to bring a different character to Oshiwara, different from BKC and Nariman Point, companies oriented to a large extent. Property prices in the city have increased by 30% over the past year with the real estate market price here from Rs15,000 per square foot.

With a new suburban train station and Subway Corridor 2 through Oshiwara, connectivity for this business area is also unlikely to be a problem, said MMRDA officials.

The big question is whether Oshiwara joint development really can generate many jobs and accommodate as many offices as the authorities are waiting against the thousands of homes it is likely to create.

Mumbai: Powai resident slapped by bigot for being in love

Mumbai: Powai resident slapped by bigot for being in love

The struggle for equal rights is making it harder for single women in Mumbai, especially if they are looking to rent a house. Chandreyi Bandyopadhyay (25), a resident of the Suncity complex in Powai, saw the ugly face of chauvinism when a neighbor attacked her for allowing her partner Joydeep Mondal too often.

The incident occurred on Tuesday at 16:30 when Bandyopadhyay and Mondal reached their building at the Sol Powai complex. A neighbor, Anil Ambadan, passed Mondal’s opinion approaching too often in Bandopadhyay. When she protested, Ambadan assaulted.

“I tried to distract them.But he slapped me.I felt humiliated.People stood around and watched.I decided to present a FIR, but when he asked me and others, they agreed to the safety of my peers Then I submitted a late NC, “he said in the middle of the day.

Police Surya Nagar provided par support and urged them to file a FIR. “It was given in writing that it would not interfere with our affairs, in accordance with the Rental Control Act, then leave the matter,” he added.
Ambadan’s apologies read: “I, Anil Ambadan, I hereby confirm that, by anger, Mr. and Mrs. JOYDEEP MONDAL CHANDREYI BANDYOPADHYAY was beaten and abused / threatened in public. On the other hand, I will not interfere in the Personal visitor person or waste material … “(sic).

When he was called, Ambadan said: “I am in the hospital for the treatment of an ear infection and I can not comment.”
What happened with Bandyopadhyay is not uncommon. Most of Mumbai’s young individual professionals experienced a similar episode.

Virar resident Shilpa Mulye (38) said: “Singles are supposed to be problematic, but I am a woman, also from Maharashtra. However, when my friends or parents come, people think they have the right to speculate About my lifestyle “.

Companies say they prefer to go to families because the individual lifestyle creates a problem for others.
Rajesh Sawant, Secretary of the Society The ripples at Shivaji Park, said: “Once a resident has rented his apartment for a single person, he was killed. The tenant who replaced him would create a nuisance by playing music and music consumption.

If the tenant is organizing a party, the rule is that you must inform the company. Will be challenged sudden flash late. This is why homeowners prefer to rent their apartments to families, who tend to be quieter. ”

Human rights activists Rita Mehra wonders how a landlord can judge a person by their marital status. “If a married man or woman called a guest of the opposite sex is fine, but if a resident did the same, it is a source of concern.”